Thursday, February 27, 2014

A New Start

It is about three years that I haven't written anything here. These days I think I am taking the practice  more seriously than before. More over, I think now I have a better closeness to the practice, I think I am starting to understand it more wholeheartedly. So I decided to write about my search and practice once again.

 Last time, I was trying to write as clear as possible and to keep the text as understandable as I can. I have always considered clarity a very important standard of any writing that is going to convey some information and I still do hold this belief, however, sticking too hard to this principle makes it very difficult to write down ideas in their first stages of formation. This time I am not necessarily going to talk about things that have become more clear to me, I also want to talk about the raw ideas that I just come by and don't want to lose them. The language and terms in those parts may get quite vague or personal but the overall trend that I wish to see is to start from some vague ideas and to get to a more understandable and reasonable representation of them by examining them emperically(somehow) and critically.
 Not much more to say for this post, so like the the first time
  بسمه و به